The Garrow King (2020)

For eighteen years an evil crown snatcher has brought the once beautiful and prosperous Garrowlan to its knees. When Myerspeer's relentless search for King Varin's treasure leads him to find the secret valley, his dreadful reign must be stopped. The time has come. The dragons must be summoned.

For the Garrow King to rise again, the dragons must fly. But do such creatures exist? Prophecy says they do. Emmeline and Wil are sent into the mountains to find them.  But even if the dragons are real how can the long dead Varin, the Garrow King, ever rise again?

There are some things beyond magical ...


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The Garrow Queen (2022)

The search for Merrily (Working title)

Working title

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Garrow Queen 

The search for Merrily (Working title)

Christina J